“The happiness of your life, depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”​



Married vegan couple from Gold Coast, Australia who have a passion for health and fitness

and breaking the vegan stereotype. 

What started as a journey to improving our health, quickly turned into finding out a lot more than we ever had expected. Veganism has led us to finding our passion and has completely changed our outlook on life. We have learnt to make the connection of what is on our plate.


Our aim is to empower others through veganism, to make the connection with what is on their plate, while empowering others to achieve the healthiest versions of themselves.


We want you to take the knowledge and tools we personally use, after years of experimenting on ourselves and help make them your daily habits.

"Healthy habits are learned in the same way unhealthy ones - through practice" (Dr Wayne Dyer) that is why we work closely with you to keep you on track and make sure you achieve your health and fitness goals.


Between the two of us we have been Meat free athletes for around 7 years now. With a background in competitive body building and a love for all forms of exercise, we specialise in weight loss and weight gain for people all around the world.

Ok, let's give you a bit of a background about us and our relationship and our little vegan family.

We have been together for 9+ years, married for 3. We welcomed our son Taj into the world this year and he has been our greatest achievement to date.

We have a love and bond for another that is like no other, like anything we do in life we put 100% into our relationship, as well as our business and family.

We both shared a love and passion for exercise but particularly the gym. We started lifting weights together back in 2014 in Jd's grandmas garage, where JD worked as a PT on the side of his full time job. We then started filming short videos and creating content for our very small instagram page lol.

We soon fell in love with exercise, creating content and helping other by connecting with others that we decided to create our own youtube channel.

This is what opened our eyes up to the world and being able to connect with people and help them by sharing our knowledge and passion. We got bombarded with people asking us for advise and if we would take on clients for online coaching, this is where 'JAKD FITNESS' was born.

We opened up positions and had to shut down our website due to the influx we had.

We have worked with people all around the world and continue to make friends, relationships and special bonds by being able to help people become the best version of themselves. 

We take the approach of being HOLISTIC coaches, because we are both a big believer in ''the mind leads, and then the body follows''. By checking in with all parts of your self emotional, physical and mental, you will unlock your highest self.