Welcome to Jakd Fitness

and to our online Coaching page

Here at JAKD FITNESS we have helped thousands of people worldwide to transform and achieve their health and fitness goals. Our personalised plans help you to unlock the the best version of yourself inside and out. We want to create a plan that best suits your goals and lifestyle, to provide you with the tools to achieve long term results that last.



We now have available our 'pay as you go' plan.

which allows you to choose your designated time period and also

allows you to trial our coaching methods and cancel at anytime.

In our 'pay as you go plan' you will receive:


  • Personalised meal plan (we cater for all food intolerances). 

  • Personalised meal plan with macros and calories included to suit you goals and lifestyle.

  • NEW meal plan each week (also macros and calories if needing altering)

  • New Training plans every fortnight (choose from'At Home' OR 'Gym' based workout plans).

  • Full exercise library. 

  • The ability to record your personal measurements, weight, body fat, progress photos and log your workouts using the results tracker on your app. 

  • Personalised shopping list. 

  •  Cancel at anytime, no lock in contract. 

  • We will send you a paypal request weekly for easy payment. 



We also have our ebooks available for you to download and have access for life

'Vegainz' '6 week at home workout ebook' or '6 week gym based ebook'

and start seeing results today.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Members must follow the designed nutrition and exercise program for the best results. Client's must provide Jakd Fitness with any food allergies and injuries prior to commencing coaching.


Once client's have received their initial meal, training or meal and training plans the timeframe will commence from the agreed upon date (Must be within 7 days of receiving meal or training plan), by client and coaches. All training and meal plans are to be completed in full with nil breaks, unless client has a valid reason and this reason is approved by Jakd Fitness coaches. Breaks are not permitted as client's results may be affected and client will only have access to Jakd Fitness phone app during their paid training period. 


It is the client's personal responsibility to reply to all contact made by Jakd Fitness (through Jakd Fitness app and or email) to ensure best results are achieved and that client is happy with meal and training options. If Jakd Fitness receives nil reply to 3 consecutive emails or Jakd Fitness app messages, Jakd Fitness will de-activate client's program once the time period that has been paid for is completed. In addition Jakd Fitness will not be required to complete updated meal and training plans if nil response is received after 3 emails or Jakd Fitness apps messages as Jakd Fitness requires constant interaction with client to ensure optimal results are achieved.

Once client has commenced their program and has completed their first week there is nil option for refund. If client wishes to cancel their program before completing week one of the program purchased the client will only be refunded 50% of the purchased total due to JAKD FITNESS requiring to complete in depth planning and scheduling of the client's programs to suit their individual lifestyle. 


 For further clarification please contact via email.